Odd Jobs & Errands

A Helping Hand

Everyone can use a helping hand now and again.  The Gofer Guys enjoy helping out on small projects or items that you just can't do or don't have the time to do. 

Errands & Chores

We can perform many errands and chores for you, but the one thing we cannot do is transport people.

Odd Jobs & More

We put up Christmas lights, install your window air conditioner, clean out your garage, house sitting when you on vacation or moving, take old items to donation center, pick up a carpet roll and place in a basement area, break down cardboard and remove, take a pile of bricks to dump.

Pressure Washing

We have the equipment to help you out with pressure cleaning the following:
Patio and patio furniture, decks, siding, driveways and walkways.

Moving & Hauling

We can assist with loading and unloading on those bigger jobs or move it all when you have a smaller job at hand. Pick up purchased furniture or appliances and deliver to your home, move items in your home or to a storage area, move items into a moving vehicle or storage pod. We can haul a load away, pickup/drop off compost for your summer garden, or bring in a load of rocks for your landscaping project.